QSL Security – Monthly Briefing – Foreign Travel Reporting

Foreign Travel Reporting

As a reminder: All official or personal travel including temporary duty assignments outside of the United States must be reported to Quick Services LLC’s FSO. If your primary work station is at a government site, you may have a duel reporting responsibility ; one report will need to be sent to QSL’s FSO and a secondary report should be sent to your onsite security manager or SSO.  Before you leave the U.S., you will be pre-briefed. Once you return from your trip, you will need to receive a post travel briefing.

Note: If you are deploying permanently OR temporarily outside of the U.S. you will need to receive a special briefing from QSL’s FSO before you depart which includes pertinent information regarding storage, custody, and control of classified information abroad.  This is a briefing requirement outlined in NISPOM 10-604.

You should not wait until the last minute to report your travel.  It is best practice to advise your FSO in advance if you plan to leave the country.  Why an advanced notification? This advance notification allows ample time for the FSO to engage the Cognizant Security Authority and obtain any special safety, security, or counterintelligence briefing materials which may be appropriate for your trip. 

Note: While traveling outside of the U.S., if you receive business cards from foreign nationals, please scan and email a copy of the card to Quick Services LLC’s FSO, Tyler Tew – tyler.tew@quickservicesllc.com.

Below you will find a brochure created by The Defense Security Service (DSS) which provides helpful tips if you decide to travel in the near future. If anyone has questions or concerns regarding anticipated foreign travel, please do not hesitate to respond directly to this email. Thanks!

Foreign Travel Vulnerability – DSS Brochure