QSL Security – Monthly Briefing – OPSEC



Operations Security is an analytic process used to deny an adversary information – generally unclassified information. Unfortunately, OPSEC has been long overlooked. Understanding the core concepts of how to apply OPSEC in your everyday activities will aid in strengthening your security countermeasures.

Our OPSEC objective is to ensure a safe and secure environment. It is best to employ OPSEC daily when making decisions about what communications to use; what is written in emails or what is said over the phone or internet. Any information you put into the public domain is available to our adversaries.

What should we protect?

          Details about your job or program you work within, your residence, work place locations, times of leaving and returning, your clearance information, personal identifiable information, company propriety information and etc. The list can go on and on.

These bits of information may seem insignificant. However, to a trained adversary, they are small pieces to a puzzle that can paint a vivid picture of what American forces are doing and planning behind closed doors.

The bottom line is that we can be our own worst enemy. Every one of us can help detect and avert threats imposed by our adversaries by applying appropriate countermeasure into our daily routines. Remember, the need to know concept may also be applied to some types unclassified information. Always remain vigilant and limit the release of information that is “nice to know.”

OPSEC Brochure: Click Here